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TRIP REPORT - MARCH 2004 Restaurants

by..... Fred Melnick


Here are some of the restaurants we enjoyed this trip.

Bistro du 17eme
108 ave Villiers
75017 Paris
Tel: 01-47-63-32-77
Very good, very pleasant ambiance, good service. 31 euro including a bottle of wine for two people. Open every day.

Le P'Tit Troquet
28, rue de L'Exposition
75007 Paris
Tel: 01-47-05-80-39
A lovely, sweet, charming, quiet, gentle little restaurant, 8 tables, in the 7th, with very good food. Run by a lovely, sweet, charming, gentle lady. Talk softly - everyone does. Say hello to Dominique for me. About 29 euro menu. Closed Saturday and Sunday

Nemo's Cafe
36, place du Marche St Honore
75001 Paris
Tel: 01-42-60-36-67
We got to this restaurant because Thomas from Cote Seine is there now and it was a really great surprise. The food was delicious, the place was really cute. There is no menu but it's cheap enough so that it doesn't matter. A 3 course dinner would be around 25-27 euro. You'll also have the pleasure of meeting Thomas if you go Monday through Thursday, and no one is more charming and gracious than Thomas. Say hi to him he speaks English like a New Yorker. You can say bonjour to Marielle speaks no English at all.

Cafe de la Paix
12, Blvd des Capucines
75009 Paris
Tel: 01-40-07-36-36
We were invited here by friends in Paris. It was recently redone and is a very beautiful, elegant restaurant with a 39 euro menu. This place is a tremendous value. If you're looking to dress up a bit (not necessary) and feel you're in a special place, this would be the one without getting into the high priced places. Open every day.

Le Florimond
19, ave de La Motte Picquet
75007 Paris
Tel: 01-45-55-40-38
Super little place, seats about 25 people, wonderful. Tell Laurent I said hello. He's the manager, a very charming young man who will take very good care of you. 32 euro menu. Open Mon-Sat, except closed the 1st Sat of the month

La Frigate
1, rue de Bac
75007 Paros
Tel: 01-42-61-23-77
Plain looking from outside, just a neighborhood place, but really good. Had lunch there, then went another night for dinner. About a 23 euro menu.

Auberge de la Reine Blanche
30, rue St Louis-en-L'Ile
Tel: 01-46-33-07-87
Metro: Pont Marie
An inexpensive, fun place on Ile St Louis. Food is better than ever. Around a 22 euro menu. Check out the miniature furniture on the walls.


Au Lys D'Argent
90, rue St Louis en l'Ile
75004 Paris
Tel: 01 46 33 56 13
Delicious quiche, soups.

Cafe Med
77, rue de Saint Louis en l'Ile
74004 Paris
Tel: 01-43-29-73-17
Wonderful crepes, gallettes

Brasserie de Isle St Louis
Right at the walking bridge connecting Ile St Louis to Ile de la Cite, at the intersection of rue St Louis en L'Ille and rue Jean-du-Bellay.
Have the cassoulet with a Bordeaux or choucroute with Riesling. Lots of other dishes also. You can get a bottle of wine but only pay for the amount you drink (by quarters). If it's nice out, sit at an outdoor table. Look for the name - there are 2 brasseries on that corner. Closed all day Wednesday and Thursday lunch. You can't get any more local Paris ambiance than this.

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