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This page will give you links to other useful Websites

NOTE: Websites come and go. Many France Websites are not maintained. If they don't work it's probably not the link or your computer. But it could be Pierre, the URL gremlin.

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France Tourist Information

French Government Tourist Office

Tourist Information:
France Tourist Directory

Train Travel: Information on train travel, cities served , schedules, prices.|8554905260462747290/170395444/6/7251/7251/50443/50443/7251/-1

Chateaux: French Chateaux to stay in

Concerts: Concerts, exhibitions,etc.

Driving: Road directions in France

French shopping from the U.S.

Les Trois Petits Cochons
Tel: 1-800-537-7283

French Garden Accessories
5819 Sixth Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98108
Tel: 206-763-0517
Fax: 206-762-2002

French souvenirs

Webcams: Live scenes from cameras set up around France

Airports: Plans of airports /

Auto leasing: instead of renting for long term

You can purchase nine pocket map guides and make your own tour.
Monuments, museums of Paris: Locations, photos.

Telephone directory, yellow pages

Telephone directory, white pages

Translation: English to French; French to English

Home exchanges:

Paris Street locations:

Pariscope: Schedule of events coming up

Weather in France: Select your town to the left of the map (Les Villes) or click on an area on the map

Help for Americans Abroad: General site for receiving help when traveling out of the country